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Pho​enix@Hillside Project

Hillside Secure Centre is a purpose built secure residential Children’s Home with education provided on the premises.

It was opened in October 1996 and is an all Wales provision for up to twenty two children and young people between twelve and seventeen years of age who require secure care due to the level of risk they present to themselves or to the community through repeated or serious offending behaviour or high risk behaviours.

The resources within and available to the Centre enable an intensive response, and very high levels of inputs to holistically meet the identified needs of children and young people. Providing this within a caring, controlled yet relaxed culture enables each child and young person to feel safe and able to take responsibility and control over their lives having developed many aspects of personal development and self-worth.

The intensive approach to young people facilitates much positive change, enabling a successful return to the community at the point of discharge, and the ability to make more informed choices to maintain a community placement.

The majority of children and young people within our communities lead safe, positive and productive lives. However there is a small minority of children and young people who are involved in anti-social fire crime behaviour putting them and their communities at risk.