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Fire Protection Performance Information


Impacts are the effects of our fire protection activities over a long-term period on the wider community/environment.

We believe that all of the fire protection work we undertake has very positive impact on the community, businesses and people within Mid and West Wales. We work closely with our partner agencies and other regulators to reduce the risk to life from fire in buildings that are subject to fire safety law, including care homes, hospitals, hotels, factories, houses in multiple occupation, student accommodation etc. We primarily target our resources at high risk premises because everyone deserves to be confident that when they or their family stay in a hotel, go to their place of work, go shopping, go to the theatre or cinema they are safe in the case of a fire inadvertently breaking out and that they are able to easily escape to a place of safety.​

As well as the safety of people, what is often forgotten are the other benefits of taking into consideration an outbreak of fire, and then putting facilities in place to deal with this. Many businesses do not recover from a serious fire, and naturally this can affect local employment with the potential that many people may lose their jobs which will have a direct affect on the local economy. Additionally, the availability of facilities used by the community may be severely affected and in the case of a school or college, years of pupils' project or course work or teaching resources may be destroyed possibly affecting future examination results.

Through our work with architects, planners and building control bodies we are working hard to ensure the risk posed to our fire fighters is kept to a minimum.

The UK and Welsh Governments are committed to reducing regulatory burdens and supporting compliant business growth through the development of an open and constructive relationship between regulators and those they regulate via a regulatory environment in which businesses have the confidence to invest and grow and citizens and communities are properly protected. (​). 

We fully support this ethos. By enforcing effectively against those premises that are not taking their responsibilities seriously and by providing advice and guidance to those who wish to do the right thing, we believe that we contribute to the creation of healthier lives, support economic development and help to ensure both public and fire fighter safety.