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​Domestic Sprinklers​

In February 2011, the Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011 was passed by the National Assembly for Wales. It makes it compulsory for automatic fire suppression systems to be provided in certain new and converted residential premises and enables the Welsh Ministers to introduce regulations setting out the technical requirements for such systems. 

The Measure will make Wales the first country in the world to have legislation making it mandatory to install sprinklers in all new build homes.

The following footage supplied by Jersey Fire and Rescue Service shows a live sprinkler demonstration where two compartments were constructed to modern building standards in an old pottery building and identically furnished to simulate a living room. The only difference between the two rooms is that one is protected by a sprinkler system.

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The next clip is a short movie titled ‘Megan’, courtesy of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service again showing the life-saving advantages of sprinkler systems.

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​Myths and Legends

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