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Local Pension Board​

The Local Pension Board has specific duties under the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 (the Act), to assist Scheme Managers (the Fire Authority) to comply with the Act and the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes Regulations, other legislation relating to governance and administration of the Schemes and any requirement identified by the Pensions Regulator.​​

The Local Pension Board consists of:

Member Representatives;
Mr Robert Jones (from 11.03.19)
Mr Richard Hanney (from 11.03.19)​
Mr Deiniol Lloyd (from 25.06.19)
Mr Euros Edwards (from 11.09.19)

Employer Representatives; 
Councillor Claire Mills
Councillor Des Thomas
Mr Craig Flannery (from 30.04.19)
Mr Stephen Rowlands (from 11.03.19)

Independent Chair;
Mr Gerard Moore